About Nicky Migz Collectibles

Nicky Migz Collectibles is your Online Nationwide and NOW open metro Milwaukee trading card store

Who is Nicky Migz: 
Vasily "Nicky Migz" Miguet
Is the man behind the entire company. Vasily is a local Wisconsinite. Vasily first got into the Pokémon World and other TCG's by way of Magic The Gathering. Being an avid MTG collector and player he found his way to the Pokémon Card world. He decided to start Nicky Migz Collectibles because he wanted a place for collectors like himself to be able to gather and continue to collect and build their decks while also having the ability to play in the tournaments and games he hosts. The most important aspect for Vasily is a reasonable price model and to avoid the "Scalping" prices we see today. Vasily vowed to ensure that all TCG collectors like himself would have a fair shake at getting the cards they wanted at a fair and reasonable price. 
"You shouldn't have to pay ridiculous prices to be able to collect and play the game your grew up with" says Vasily. 
Vasily welcomes everyone to come into our store, join one of the live events or shop online!